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Hmm, my lack of drawing equals #Art fix results. 10 hours of coloring fun time to finish off @gfillonramos’ commission piece. Thanks for letting me carry out your idea of all of the water #Pokémon starters in their respective evo-hoodies dancing. I always end up adding my own flare to things, so with that said, it had to be a #Breakdance #Cypher. Pun intended. Off to go conquer my liberal studies. Jeez I can lose myself easily. #Crayola #Illustration


The users of tumblr all turn their heads in unison. What is that sound? That music, playing in the distance, growing louder as if it draws nearer. The sound of tires grating against the ground meshes with the music, the noise of bullets being fired through the air.

They can feel it. They can feel it against the ground, rumbling like an earthquake- or, possibly, just poor driving skills- and they gulp in unison.

They’re here.

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